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Software development

We have the capacity to assist throughout the entire journey, from business analysis and ideation, through design, software development, to the final product version. Our experience spans from working with startups to collaborating with well-established companies. We are proficient at working during the initial stages of development, as well as introducing improvements once the project has already been delivered to its end-users. Our adoption of the Agile methodology ensures that our clients have greater influence over the final product.

We initiate our process with a comprehensive analysis of your business, understanding the market dynamics, competition, and unique requirements.
We engage in substantive discussions around the content, ensuring it aligns with your business strategy and vision.
We provide an initial estimate of the value addition and timeline for each functionality to be developed, setting expectations right from the start.
Based on the project needs, we identify the necessary roles and assemble a team of skilled professionals to deliver on your requirements.
We adhere to an iterative approach, gradually and consistently introducing new features to ensure the software evolves organically and effectively.
We maintain open lines of communication with our clients, holding regular consultations to gather feedback and ensure we're aligned with your vision.
Our journey concludes with the delivery of the final product, a solution that has been meticulously crafted to meet your business needs while exceeding your expectations.

We start by outlining the specific requirements for the position, clearly stating the necessary skills and qualifications.
We engage in a detailed conversation regarding the candidate's experience and skill level to ascertain their suitability for the role.;
Before any commitments, we provide a cost estimate, setting clear expectations and ensuring transparency.
We carry out thorough technical reviews with the candidates to evaluate their technical knowledge and capabilities.
We provide our clients with summaries of promising candidates, facilitating informed decision-making.
We are present during the client's technical interview, providing support and further insights into the candidate's technical proficiency.
Upon the client's decision, we assist with the final steps, ensuring a smooth and successful conclusion to the recruitment process.

HR Services

We optimize the hiring process by only presenting the most suitable candidates, reducing clients' time spent on CVs review. With our extensive network and rapid review method, we swiftly identify potential candidates and complete hiring typically within a month. Rather than simply posting job ads, we proactively recruit, refining job requirements, preparing posts, and conducting comprehensive interviews. Our approach ensures a speedy, efficient recruitment process that perfectly aligns with our clients' needs.

IT Consulting

We are adept at mobilizing teams skilled in various technologies, including mobile platforms like React-Native, Flutter, Android, and iOS, as well as web and backend development with React.js, Next.js, and Node.js. We also establish the technological framework, standards, and system architecture. Our recruitment guidelines ensure the right team composition, and we streamline operations through clear process planning. Moreover, our expertise includes updating existing products to adhere to the latest industry standards, reinforcing our commitment to driving progress in the technological sphere.

We initiate with a consultation to understand our client's needs and determine how our experts can provide assistance.
We establish the precise scope of the consultation, ensuring we cover all the necessary areas and answer all your questions.
We provide tailored advice regarding the technological stack as well as the system architecture, leveraging our expertise to deliver optimal solutions.
We offer oversight for the client's team, ensuring a smooth implementation process and facilitating efficient operations.
Finally, we conduct a thorough verification of the changes implemented, ensuring all modifications are correct and in alignment with the agreed-upon plan.

Meet us

With extensive industry experience ranging from junior development to senior project planning, we founded our own company to address observed challenges head-on. Our belief in simplifying processes, maintaining service quality, and implementing swift Agile adjustments underscore our operations. Our team, comprised of top-tier specialists, ensures our clients' success. We value close client relationships, aim for long-term collaborations, and invest deeply in each project's success. By fostering a sense of ownership among our staff and alleviating clients from burdensome tasks, we enable focus on core business needs. We emphasize high-quality, cost-effective solutions that evolve with our clients' businesses.

Picture of Wojciech Jankowski

Wojciech Jankowski

CEO, co-founder

Wojciech is the Founder and CEO of OneQ. Excelling in native mobile development, Wojciech's career spans a variety of roles, from hands-on developer to project owner, and includes positions in global advisory companies. His business insights, honed across these diverse experiences, are instrumental in cultivating strategic partnerships and propelling forward-thinking solutions. Balancing a rich technical expertise with a strong focus on strategic business growth, Wojciech ensures client satisfaction and innovation are at the forefront of OneQ's services.

Picture of Maksymilian Pilzys

Maksymilian Pilzys

COO, co-founder

As the COO of OneQ, Maksymilian brings his extensive experience in overseeing complete project lifecycles and leading teams to consistently deliver high-quality projects. His diverse background spans roles in startups, established companies, and global advisory, contributing significantly to the revenue growth of numerous startups. In addition, as a Google Certified TensorFlow Developer, he offers deep expertise in neural networks, providing valuable insights and consultations to clients. His unique blend of technical proficiency and strategic business acumen makes him a vital contributor to OneQ's success

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